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"No freeman shall ever be de barred the use of arms." -- Thomas Jefferson

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Welcome to my collection of mostly firearms information. I hope you find this archive useful for educating yourself and others about the issues, for writing letters to the editor and your legislators, and for finding out how to get involved in defending your freedom. Remember that the battle for our freedom is won at the voting booth and in the hearts and minds of the undecided. I also hope that you will work on election campaigns and get your friends and family registered and out to vote; this is how we won November 1994.

See action/top-action for my top firearms-rights action item. Get involved and save your own firearms rights!

Be sure to check out some of the highlights of my archive. (Includes a link to my Guide to Internet Firearms Information Resources.) Use the Topics to look around the archive generally; there's lots of good stuff.

I have not built indices for every topic, but with WWW, viewing files is easy so browse around. Hopefully, descriptive file names and reasonable organization will help you find things. If you have questions or comments, email me.

Ethics of Being Armed
Being armed is being rational.
If two people are armed, there is little benefit and great risk from them committing aggression against each other. Therefore they can obtain mutual benefit best by using reasoned persuasion instead.
Being armed is being free.
If you are not armed, then your life depends on someone else who is armed. Like a serf living under a knight or king, samurai or emperor, you do not own your own life if you can't defend it effectively. You can not be free if you are not armed.
Being armed is being responsible.
The police cannot physically protect everyone, and they have no legal liability to do so. If they did, then every crime victim could sue the police for failing to protect them. The only person truly responsible for your defense is you. Firearms are the safest and most effective means of defense. Being defenseless is being irresponsible.
Being armed is being ethical.
Having the means and ability to defend your life and the lives of those around you is ethically superior to being helpless to prevent yourself or others from being harmed. Being unarmed is unethical.

How Pacifism Is Unethical

Pacifism is often upheld as being ethically superior, as if forceful resistance to crime or tyranny lowers oneself to the level of the attacker. This presupposes that all use of force is equally unethical, but this is incorrect. If offensive force is unethical, then defensive force must be ethical because:

The next time someone claims pacifism is ethically superior, ask them why they support crime victimization, murder and imperialism.

List of all files

recursive listing of all files in my archive (currently about 170k)
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GNU Zip of ls-lR

Other issues

Copyrights and Permissions

Some material here is included with the express permission of the author or publisher. Often it is stipulated for non-commercial use. That means do not sell the information here, for example on a CDROM, unless you contact the publisher or edit each article enough to qualify for fair use. For more information on copyright issues please see the copyright faqs from the Usenet Newsgroup news.answers .

File types and names

I've rationalized filenames from BBSes. In particular, text files end in .txt instead of .ext and other bizarre endings. WordPerfect files end in .wp? Some file names are also changed. For example, from GunTalk BBS is The contained zipfile is changed from gun.faq to rkba.faq I was reluctant to change names because doing so de-references them to the original, but I think my names are much more descriptive. The contents are not changed.

Zip files are compressed in either Zip 1.x or Zip 2.x format. is a self-extracting DOS version of Zip 2.x Other versions of zip exist, including for UNIX; ask your system administrator or check comp.sources.* newsgroups. For DOS text files see dos2unix and unix2dos UNIX text file converters.

Table of file types

World Wide Web
DOS, ANSI, or ASCII text
DOS text (cr + lf at end of each line)
Zip archive
DOS executable: program or self-extracting archive
UNIX 32-bit Lempel-Ziv compress
UNIX uuencode: binary files represented as text for mailing
UNIX tar: from TApe aRchive, but really just an archive file
plaintext or Microsoft Word
Microsoft Rich Text Format: very portable, captures a lot
Windows Microsoft Publisher
WordPerfect, DOS or Windows

File currency

Note that I do not automatically expire files. If you have any updates or corrections, please send them to me.


Files here are presented as is. I make every reasonable attempt to check and verify information, but I cannot guarantee the accuracy of every piece of information. It is always wise and a good practice to independently verify any facts you plan to use.

Web/FTP site no longer at Portal

There are occasional references in some of the files here and elsewhere to the web/ftp site when it was at Portal. The Portal site no longer exists. The correct URL for this site is now:


Thanks to Dave Stine, James A. Donald and others for encouraging me to check out WWW several years ago. Thanks also to those who build and use the Web and the 'Net, for bringing the world closer to freedom and enlightenment. In practical terms WWW is a tremendous advance in making use of the Internet; it's also a tremendous advance in making the Internet useful to the world.

I hope the information here will encourage you to make your feelings known to your representatives, the media and the people around you. Educating the people around you is the only way we're going to keep our rights.

I welcome your comments, questions and suggestions.

Jeff Chan (

"No freeman shall ever be debarred the use of arms."
-- Thomas Jefferson, Draft Virginia Constitution, June 1776

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