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  3. U.S. Army Weapons Command (WECOM) Technical Notes, Small Arms Design, Published by ArmaLite and possibly others. Should be in the public domain since it was originally produced at public expense.
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Due to the date of publication most of the titles recommended by Balleisen may be difficult to find. General titles in thermodynamics, materials science, metallurgy, strength of materials, etc. are also recommended. Note that the widely available Sierra Bullets Reloading Manuals contain an excellent discussion of external ballistics, including theory, formulas, and tables. The International Wound Ballistics Association provides credible, scientifically-researched, peer-reviewed studies of terminal ballistics and wound treatment.

There are a few non-Slavic titles mentioned in the notes and Recommended Reading of Brassey's Essential Guide to Military Small Arms. The literature in slavic, to a large extent the work of the authors of the Brassey's volume, is extensive, but not listed here due to typographical complexity.

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Several catalogs of military small arms have been published, including:
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