List of Some Libertarian Resources

List of Some Libertarian Resources

by Jeff Chan


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If you have WWW access, please see the WWW version of this file:

This file was split off from my firearms.faq.html in an attempt to keep each page more focussed on a particular topic. Please see that page for firearms information. For descriptions of the different types of resources such as ftp, telnet, and WWW see services.html or click on the headings below.

Unlike my firearms.faq, this file does not attempt to be comprehensive. It does however list many resources with interesting material and starting points into the libertarian Web.

About Libertarianism

The Libertarian Party and libertarianism are unique. They are the only ones to consistently support your freedom from a reasoned, principled, philosophical and ethical basis. Democrats and Republicans both use the government to enact social change (i.e. control your life); they just happen to have slightly different agendas. The result of their left-right pendulum swings is that government power grows and our freedom is diminished. Only libertarians believe you, not the government, are best suited to decide how to run your life, including choosing whether and what kind of arms to own.

A good description of libertarianism ironically came when the IRS granted Advocates for Self-Government's 501c(3) non-profit tax-exempt status:

Libertarianism is a philosophy. The basic premise of libertarianism is that each individual should be free to do as he or she pleases so long as he or she does not harm others. In the libertarian view, societies and governments infringe on individual liberties whenever they tax wealth, create penalties for victimless crimes, or otherwise attempt to control or regulate individual conduct which harms or benefits no one except the individual who engaged in it.

Mailing Lists

National Lists

libernet, libernet-d
national libertarian announcement, discussion lists

libernet is for announcements of interest to libertarians. libernet-d is the discussion list. Discussion should only be sent to libernet-d, never to libernet. Both lists offer digests. To subscribe to libernet send a message:

  subscribe libernet

For more info about the list, send a message to the same address with "info (listname)" as the message text. For help, send a message to the same address with "help" as the message.

State, Regional and Special Interest Lists

announcement of California libertarian events
San Francisco Bay Area libertarian discussion and announcements.

To subscribe, send a message:

with subscribe as the message Subject.

You can also subscribe at the list web sites at: or
Libertarian Party of Orange County mailing list

Paul L. Studier ( reports: "The Libertarian Party of Orange County now has its own mailing list.... To subscribe, send email:

        From: your_email_address
        ADD your_email_address LPOC

FTP Sites /Libernet
Libernet (libertarian mailing list) archive

The last 5 days of digests for libernet (the announcement list) and libernet-d (the discussion list) are available. /pub/doc/liberty
Libertarian Alliance U.K. Publications Online

Ian Geldard ( announced on libernet July 19, 1994 that several of the excellent essays from the Libertarian Alliance (U.K.) are now available via FTP at the address above.

Jeff Chan's libertarian file archive or

My libertarian archive has files collected from libernet, from the International Society for Individual Liberty (ISIL), Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), Libertarian Party (LP), and others. It can be reached using either ftp or WWW.

James A. Donald's ftp dir

Click here for James A. Donald's ( "collection of files related to liberty, the right to bear arms, and the like. It contains mostly ancient philosophy rather than fast breaking news."

See help on accessing my archive using ftp in: " or". Using the other ftp sites is similar.

World Wide Web Sites (WWW URLs)

General Libertarian Info

Libertarian FAQ
Libertarian Organizations

Frequently asked questions about libertarianism and a list of libertarian organizations.

Libertarian Student Organizations

Libertarian Student Clubs WWW Network

At Rich Thomson's suggestion here is a link to the Libertarian Student Clubs WWW Network, which also resides at MIT:

MIT Libertarians

The MIT Libertarians have a home page at: Their "Goodlinks" page lists other libertarian WWW URLs:

College Libertarians at Bradley University

Says Chuck Kocian ( "The College Libertarians at Bradley University have a home page at We are converting the plain text documents to hypertext and have links to several other interesting sites."

Oxford Hayek Society

Malcolm Hutty wrote on libernet 10/18/94: "The Oxford Hayek Society now has a WWW site. The Society is the student libertarian club at Oxford University. Currently most of the interesting stuff for people not at Oxford consists of links to other sites, which are good. However, I'll be updating the site constantly, so keep checking it out over the next few weeks. The all important URL is:"

Libertarian Party Resources

Some Libertarian Party resources

According to Joe Dehn ( The general LP URL (if you want to refer to simply "the Libertarian Party") is: 

Other useful ones: 
  National Office 
  Affiliate Parties
Also note that you can point to individual Platform planks using a URL 

Harry Browne for President in 1996 (Libertarian Party)

Harry Browne is a renowned financial author and libertarian advocate. You can reach him by email at: Check out his Campaign for President Web page at:

Libertarian Party of California

Also from Joe Dehn, "Following are URLs for WWW pages providing information on LP activities in California:"

Information on the Libertarian Party of California can be found in:

Missouri Libertarian Party

The Home Page of the Missouri Libertarian Party includes campaign info, newsletter, platform, events, links to local LP groups.

Other Libertarian Resources

ISIL Pamphlets

The International Society for Individual Liberty (ISIL) is a libertarian outreach and education organization. They have a series of excellent pamphlets on important issues of the day. These make for very convenient, well-written handouts. Contact ISIL for paper reprints, provided at just about cost.

Scott Banister ( of College Libertarians of UIUC has converted most of these to html. As such they make convenient, concise WWW URLs on a number of topics including guns, drugs, immigration, asset forfeiture, free trade, health care, and why freedom is a Good Thing (tm).

These pamphlets are also available in plaintext from my site at:

I've copied most of the contents of their BBS (415 864-0908) into

Advocates for Self-Government

The Advocates for Self-Government are a libertarian educational and outreach organization. Among their excellent grassroots projects is Operation Politically Homeless which includes using the World's Smallest Political Quiz ( to show people there's an important alternative to the conventional left-right political model. Includes a Libertarian FAQ.

Cato Institute

Scott Bannister seems to have created a Web page for Cato. Great going Scott!

The Future of Freedom Foundation

Another great libertarian organization, "The Future of Freedom Foundation is a tax-exempt, educational foundation that presents an uncompromising moral, philosophical, and economic case for individual freedom, private property, and limited government."

Laissez-Faire Books World-Wide Web page

Rich Thomson ( announced on libernet June 27, 1994 that he has put a Laissez-Faire Books World-Wide Web page on-line. Browse through the catalog of books available through Laissez-Faire Books on the web! Includes some reviews. A quick summary of Laissez-Faire books (taken from the web page):

For just over 20 years, Laissez-Faire has been a central source for libertarian books and tapes. We carry a wide selection of books on liberty... authors such as Ayn Rand, Thomas Jefferson, Ludwig von Mises, F.A. Hayek, Murray Rothbard, H.L. Mencken, Dave Barry, P.J. O'Rourke, Thomas Sowell, Thomas Szasz, Milton Friedman and many others... we offer books on education, the Founding Fathers, drug policy, objectivism, philosophy, gun control, economics, free-market health care, science fiction, humor, politics, investment, and much more.

The Objectivism WWW Service

The goal of the Objectivism WWW Service is to make Objectivism-related information available to WWW users. There are two components to this goal: first, to provide locally-sponsored content, eg. essays and bibliographies. Second, to provide pointers to other resources --both on and off the net---that may be of interest to people interested in Objectivism. [...]

The Objectivism WWW Service is being developed by a group of volunteers. If you have comments or suggestions, or if you would like to join the group of Objectivism WWW authors, send e-mail to
Critiques of Libertarianism page

Mike asked 11/15/94: "I've added a link to your List of Some Libertarian Resources to my web page. I'm curious if you will reciprocate." Here is his description of his page:

Mike Huben's "Critiques of Libertarianism" page is a repository for the "Non-Libertarian FAQ" and various other resources for those who argue with libertarians. The goal isn't to smash libertarianism, but rather to raise the level of argument by disposing of the most common fallacious libertarian arguments. The viewpoints represented are an eclectic mix of socialist, anarchist, liberal, etc., and many of the arguments are compatible with various types of libertarianism.

The Alexis de Tocqueville Tour

Apparently an educational tour organized by C-SPAN tracing the steps and exploring the history of Alexis de Tocqueville's trip to America. Includes highlights and links to his famous book Democracy in America.

Miss Liberty's Film & TV World

A newsletter with information about Libertarian TV shows and movies, including a schedule of appearances.

The Free State Project

"The Free State Project is a plan in which 20,000 or more liberty-oriented people will move to a single state of the U.S. to secure there a free society. We will accomplish this by first reforming state law, opting out of federal mandates, and finally negotiating directly with the federal government for appropriate political autonomy. We will be a community of freedom-loving individuals and families, and create a shining example of liberty for the rest of the nation and the world."

Usenet Newsgroups

I don't read these regularly so I can't really comment on their content except in general terms.

discussion libertarian politics
discussion of civil liberties

Bulletin Boards (BBSes)

ISIL BBS (415 864-0908)
The International Society for Individual Liberty BBS

I've copied most of the contents of their BBS into or but this is a handy reference for those without Internet access. Be sure to see or which is a (somewhat old) list of libertarian BBSes.

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